In this fast-paced game, create as many words as possible in 60 seconds!

Slide your finger to find words by snaking around the grid! When you find a word, it disappears and new letters drop into place!

Bonus - Get bonus points by finding a 4+ letter word all of one color - every other letter of that color will be removed as well!

There are 4 power-ups to help you throughout the game:

  • Bomb - Remove all letters of a single color
  • Shuffle - Shuffles the letters around the board
  • Hint - Shows you a word you can play
  • Pop - Removes a single letter by double tapping it

Each word earns you points based on the number of letters. The first letter is worth one point, the second is worth 2 points... Example: 5 letter word : 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 points = 15 points.